This work was created in collaboration with the team at Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc.


Zark Parking


We started this project with a thorough brand discovery. What we found through this process led to the development of Zark Parking’s brand positioning — high level concepts that would form with the reference point for all work going forward. I was present throughout this process — getting to know the clients and their product through firsthand interaction while working with our director level team and our copywriter to craft their messaging. We then moved into brand visual development where I led our design team in creating logo concepts that aligned with the brand pillars and the product market.

At the same time, our Director of UI/UX developed the user journey through wireframes, taking input from myself and other team members as we discussed this journey with the client. Once this layout was solidified, I designed and built the website in WPBakery. To complete the project, I led our design team in completing other deliverables — on-site advertising displays, digital advertisements, map stylization for in-app usage, and a suite of illustration assets.

Zark Illustration Kitchen Sink
Zark Web Design Kitchen Sink
Zark App Icon Kitchen Sink
Zark Brand Positioning Kitchen Sink
Zark Map Key Kitchen Sink
Zark Brand Standards Kitchen Sink
Zark Digital Ads Kitchen Sink
Zark Illustration Guide Kitchen Sink
Zark Wires Kitchen Sink
Zark Parking Space
Zark Parking Space