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This work was created in collaboration with the team at Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc.


Zark Parking


After conducting a thorough brand discovery with the owners of Zark Parking and their target demographic of 20-to-30-something urban apartment renters, we crafted the positioning and company pillars as a foundation for all subsequent work.

Zark Parking was a small company and was launching its beta in only a couple of apartment complexes, but visually we wanted Zark to feel at launch like an established and trusted tech company. Knowing this goal, I led our design team to create logo concepts in alignment with Zark’s brand pillars and the product market, making sure we connected to tech branding trends to make a quick associative connection while making sure we carved out some individual traits to differentiate Zark visually in a crowded market. It was essential to feel friendly and approachable while simultaneously feeling credible and serious to encourage confidence in the product as a financial transaction. Logo concepts needed to stand on their own while also being incredibly successful as an eye-catching app icon on iOS and Android devices.

At the same time, I collaborated with our Director of UI/UX on a digital strategy that would maximize visitors downloading the app. We arrived on a one-page scrolling user journey to explain the product and its benefits in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process. Once this digital strategy was solidified, I designed and built the website in WPBakery.

To complete the project, I led our design team in completing other deliverables — on-site advertising displays, digital advertisements, map stylization for in-app usage, and a suite of illustration assets.

Zark Illustration Kitchen Sink
Zark Web Design Kitchen Sink
Zark App Icon Kitchen Sink
Zark Brand Positioning Kitchen Sink
Zark Map Key Kitchen Sink
Zark Brand Standards Kitchen Sink
Zark Digital Ads Kitchen Sink
Zark Illustration Guide Kitchen Sink
Zark Wires Kitchen Sink
Zark Parking Space
Zark Parking Space