This work was created in collaboration with the team at Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc.


Phoenix Art Museum


We started this project with several in-depth meetings with the museum stakeholders. It was crucial to understand their museum philosophy, current pain points, and fundraising structure so that we could create a site that addressed their myriad needs. At the same time, I worked with the museum’s design team on a new brand color palette and three dimensional map that helped visitors better understand the unconventional layout of the museum’s multiple levels.

Once our information gathering and industry research were completed, our Director of UI/UX developed the user journey through wireframes, taking input from myself and our lead developers as we discussed this journey with the client. Once this layout was solidified, I designed the overall website aesthetic along with the homepage, menu, and main pages. Once the client signed off on these high level designs, I facilitated the rest of the project’s web design through our design team.

When the overall design was approved, I broke the website down into it’s various sections so that the development team could create a versatile and flexible custom theme in WordPress. I then managed the visual side of the website’s build — giving our development team daily feedback as new sections were built, while also collaborating with our Director of UI/UX on any issues with website flow that came up during development.

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