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I have worked with the marketing teams at Franke USA Retail, Franke Canada Retail, and Franke Luxury to create and ship deliverables for several of their product lines.

The North American consumer product lines had lean budgets for packaging and promotion compared to the company’s USA Luxury and European divisions. This created the continuing challenge of finding cost-effective solutions for product photography, packaging, and promotional videos that could stand toe to toe on Lowe’s and Home Depot store shelves with competitors that had ten times the budget.

Over several years the products I worked on continued to grow as I became known within the company as a resource to create industry-leading packaging under budget and on time.

My work included the photo direction for their in situ sink photography for their packaging. My team needed to create an image solution that conveyed a lifestyle quality with an ownable camera angle to differentiate from the standard three-quarter shot used by Franke’s competitors. I devised a flexible, modular direction that emulated the customer looking at the sink like they would at their home — slightly down from the top and looking straight on. Cropping out just the sink, accessories, and set dressing and placing these items on a white background created an elevated aesthetic in contrast to their competitors’ busy and overwhelming designs while also allowing the viewer to visualize the sink in their kitchen. This successful photo solution greatly simplified the process of generating dozens of images for the revamped packaging.

A personal highlight of my time working with the Franke marketing team was coining the name  Fast-In for their subbrand of products whose selling point was an industry-exclusive “snap-in-place” installation method.

Select services include:

Home Depot and Lowe’s End Caps, Product Naming, Packaging Design, Catalog Design, Promotional Video and Motion Design, Product Photography, Product Compositing, Expo Material Design, Print Management, Web and App Graphics Creation, Installation Illustrations, and Copywriting.

Franke Fast-In Faucet

This informational video explains the Fast-In installation process’s benefits and ease of operation through motion graphics and custom footage.

We barely had any budget for a location, so my partner and I built a concrete countertop in our kitchen to install the Franke sink and faucet.

Franke Hidden Sink

This is a promotional video for a new product offering that explains the Franke Hidden Sink’s ability to expand your countertop, create a prep area, and hide dishes.