This work was created in collaboration with the team at Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc.


Arizona State University


The Melikian Center at Arizona State University contacted Kitchen Sink with a need to increase student interest in their Russian, Eurasian & East European language programs. A travel poster theme was selected because students have the opportunity at the end of their classes for an immersive trip to the country tied to the specific language. We pinpointed the 1930s travel illustration style as a compelling and effecient visual direction — the dynamic compositions with vibrant and simple color blocking would allow us to create enticing illustrations for each card in a time frame that would keep us under budget.

I completed all the illustrations, working in concert with iterative client feedback to make sure we communicated the country’s landmarks and landscape in an exciting and respectful fashion. The initial series of postcards were so successful at student events The Melikian Center commissioned further illustrations for additional countries.

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