This work was created in collaboration with the team at Kitchen Sink Studios, Inc.




As a new business, it was important to to take deep dive into their key pillars and differentiators through a robust discovery process. What we found through this discovery led to the development of ABLA’s brand positioning. I was present throughout this process — getting to know the clients and their ethos through firsthand interaction  while working with our director level team and our copywriter to craft their messaging. We then moved into brand visual development where I led our design team in creating logo concepts that aligned with the brand pillars and established them as a force in their industry.

At the same time, our Director of UI/UX developed the user journey through wireframes, taking input from myself and other team members as we discussed this journey with the client. Once this layout was solidified, I designed and built the website in WPBakery. During this development process I also worked with our film team on a visual direction for ABLA’s photography so that those assets could be captured and edited by our film team for the website launch.

To complete the project, I worked with our social media team as we crafted their social strategy for their brand launch.

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